Implementation of the Yield Management (or Revenue Management): the assurance of RevPAR increase


The implementation of the Yield isn’t restricted to large hotel chains or exclusive hotels, neither to big cities. Actually, small or medium hotels, independant hotels or affiliated hotels, the Yield Management is an opportunity to gain markets shares by optimizing hotel occupancy and average rate.

The online distribution through Internet benefits the cometition and rate comparison between one hotel and its competitors. With a systematic Rate market monitoring, a Yield analysis, the hotel will ensure to be competitive and take advantage on every opportunities.

Our experience in Yield Management allow us to affirm that Yield Management can be implemented:

  • as well as in a 4 star hotel as in a 2 star hotel

  • as well as in Paris as in the Mountains, in Provence, Dordogne or as also in Corsica

  • as well as in 150 rooms hotel as in a 15 rooms hotel…

Yield, it is above all a philosophy of the optimization of the turnover (sales revenues) and the profitability. To practice Yield, technical knowledge and tools are necessary. PMT Hotels sets up with you a Yield Management strategy adapted to the size of your hotel, its classification, its location, its competition and according to the already existing internal organization.

We offer as a first step, a Yield Management training within the hotel and with the Hotel’s management staff (General Manager, Rooms Division Manager, Sales & Marketing Manager, Front Office Manager, Yield Manager or Revenue Manager, Reservations Manager, Groups Coordinator Manager…).


Yield Management Training


This exclusive training within one hotel allows to approach the theory of Revenue Management adapted to the hotel. We define with the hotel, together, the dynamic price list, the organization (who makes what?) and a synthesis of the actions to lead for the implementation of Revenue Management.

PMT Hotels obtained its approval of training (n° 25 14 02 696 14). The training can be taken care by your OPCA (FAFIH, AGEFOS).

After the Revenue Management training, we assure a telephone or email relation to answer the questions and resume certain points of the training. This, without any additional cost.


The Yield Tool offered within the Revenue Management training!


Within this 3 days training, PMT Hotels offers it Yield Tool, an alternative to costly Revenue Management Systems. This tool approaches all essential needs in terms of statistics, study of the portofolio, forecasting, booking pace and rate strategy recommendations. At the end of the training the tool is set up.

More information in our section “Yield Tool”. For an online demonstration, please contact us at +33 1 84 20 42 42.


Yield Guidance or coaching


In option, PMT Hotels also suggests setting up a Guidance mission in Yield Management during the phase of grinding in order to achieve the Yield implementation project during the first year or season. During this mission, of variable duration according to the needs of the hotel, we prepare sales recommendations according to the pickup and market monitoring. Our recommendations argued during phone call sessions are transformed as one goes along into coaching. The objective then is to direct the hotel in the Yield Management decision-making process.