Yield Management guidance programs to help you make your Yield project a success story!

Implementing the Yield Management (or Revenue Management) is a real challenge for each hotel. Many hotel’s internal or external factors make that this Yield Management implementatin is more or less challenging.

Our model, based on a very privileged relationship with our customers, ensures you a good start thanks to the Revenue Management Training and the implementation of the Yield Tool. This first step, allows the hotel to evaluate our expertise, our capacity of adaptation to each hotel problematics and this way create a relation of trust.

If the hotel will is to implement the Yield Management without confronting the solitude of having to take daily decisions with the fear that this changes in habits will have a negative impact on results, then PMT Hotels offers guidance programs on variable duration according to the needs, the seasonality…

These programs objective is to accomplish the implementation of the Revenue Management ensuring the hotel for instance:

  • not to excessively reduce rates and don’t achieve last year revenues or in opposition
  • to be able to identify opportunities of actions ensuring the increase of the hotel average rate

Yield Management Guidance programs methodology

Phase of handling Yield leverages

Within Yield Management missions, we start by preparing for the hotel sales recommendations according to booking paces and competition monitoring.

During call sessions (once or twice per week according to needs), PMT Hotels develop orally reasons why each action is suggested and validate with the hotel adhesion these sales recommendations.

Phase of coaching

Once the hotel is familiarized with Yield leverages, it is time for the hotel to prepare it self sales recommendations and present us reasons why these strategic choices have been taken. PMT Hotels enters in a phase of coaching helping the hotel to take alone its decisions in terms of rate positioning.

Rate parity monitoring

Also, PMT Hotels assure a monitoring in terms of rate parity for the hotel in order to ensure that the Hotel Inventory Management and the application of sales recommendations are correctly visible through all the different channels of distribution.