The Yield Management or Revenue Management, a strategy to gain market penetration!


With the e-commerce development – Hotel Industry representing the 1st market in terms of revenue – the addition of new channels of distribution, and the increase in Hotel rooms, the Yield Management appears as being essential, the same way it became for the aviation in order to attract customers.


Also, you can’t take the risk of giving the impression that you are an expensive product on the market. You must always be competitive at any degree.


PMT Hotels has acquired its expertise in this domain, by implementing Yield Management strategies in many hotels, developping its own tools or through participating in the implementation of developped Yield Management softwares (IdeaS, EasyRMS…).

Our aim is to implement a Yield Management strategy with tools that are adapted to the real needs of the hotel. We recommend a reasonable Yield (free of excess) and we favor the accession of all hotel departments to the concepts of Yield. This way, a Revenue doesn’t work against the sales team or the Front Office but in accordance. It allows also with the Sales & Marketing to adjust actions’ dates such as for emailing campaigns.


Our methodology:

  • Audit, definition and implementation of pre requirements

  • Setup of Yield tools – Advise and definition of the Rate Strategy: On-The-Books Analysis, Forecasting, Market Monitoring, Rooms Statistics, Events, Rate grid…

  • Advise and definition of the Rate Strategy

  • Management and staff Trainings

  • Guidance and support in decision taking