Benefit from the interest of your clients, from the Marketing and communication potential for your hotel with your new Iphone Application!

Its major interest is the need to make customer satisfaction a major issue by facilitating contact with customers. This customer relashionship project is all the more beneficial it will motivate your teams to participate in the content management on a “trendy” device.

PMT Hotels imagined a unique concept of Iphone application for hotels building on customer relashionship. It combines:

  • maximum customization according to the wishes and requirements of the hotel while
  • containing development costs

Gone is the stereotype of the Iphone App unaffordable to independant hotels!

This solution, PMT Hotels offers it in the form of a license agreement (from 1 500 euros per year, excluding setup fees) including:

  • Your free Iphone App downloadable from the Apple App Store
  • An extranet allowing you to manage all the application content, adding new pages, images, videos…
  • The opportunity to enhance your application in the future
  • Maintenance associated with regular updates from Apple Firmware IOS
  • Support and assistance from PMT Hotels

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