The popularity of social networks is certain but does the performance sounds with return?

PMT Hotels makes the difference between:

  • Create an account on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks and having a cerain activity and
  • to have there a real communication strategy

In the first case, the results are rarely positive or unsufisant compared to the time consumed to power the networks. In the second case, a real strategy is in place and this is how PMT Hotels performs and get excellent returns on Investment. Our methodology:

  1. Preliminary study:
    • Defining pre-requisites and awareness on necessary human resources
    • Setting goals to achieve over the campaign period
    • Defining the strategy to adopt
    • Developing an action plan for the period
  2. Diffusion on social networks:
    • Manage pages and groups
    • Network development
    • Micro-blogging
  3. Performance analysis
    • Exploiting the hotel’s website traffic statistics
    • Evaluation of the social networks impact
  4. Make adjustments (if necessary)

Go to the speed of Social Web! Among our services, we are developing Facebook applications including:

  • Careful presentation on Facebook with useful information
  • A page that is revealed once the person “likes” your page: a mean to encourage people to be a fan offering to discover a dedicated offering for example …
  • Integration of an online booking engine for your hotel directly on Facebook
  • Surveys,