Specifically dedicated to french market regulation.

With two third of the people taking into account the stars classification to choose their hotel, this positioning mean is capital for hoteliers. The law of July 2009 for the development and modernization of French touristic services grants to hotels a 3 year period to adapt themselves to the new standards. Each hotel will have by 2012, to request again for stars classification.

The new repository takes into account the following criterias:

  • Equipments
  • Services to customers
  • Accessibility
  • Sustainable development

These new norms introduce new notions that both, tourism professionals and guests, have been waiting since 1986: Guest relation, external equipments, public areas, quality of service… If most of those standards already exists in Integrated hotel chains, they may become a threat for independent hotels with declassified hotels.

Getting the new stars for an independant hotel may become a challenging process if the hotel does not meet all new requirements. In this context, PMT Hotels advice and undertakes all steps of the process to obtain the new stars.

Our missions include:

  • Audit of your hotel and feasibility study of desired positioning
  • Definition of penalizing factors and gain of points opportunities
  • Advice and guidance within the implementation of necessary corrective actions
  • Preparation of the Pre-diagnostic form mandatory prior to inspection
  • Selection of the accredited COFRAC organism for the inspection
  • Preparation of the Hotel’s Classification form request dedicated to the Police Prefecture

Our experience in this domain and our advice capacity on actions’ plans are the guarantee of success for the attribution of your new stars.