PMT Hotels acquired a great expertise in terms of Hotel Operational Management, more specifically within the Luxury Hotel environment, City hotels as well as in Resorts in France and abroad.

The founders of PMT Hotels wanted, in terms of consultancy and Operational Management, an “Owner’s mind” oriented approach, that is to say in the interest of the Investor.

We implement powerful Marketing and Communication actions focusing particularly on todays and forthcoming technological means. In terms of Management style, PMT Hotels wants to be more conservative, more oriented on Quality of service and Guest satisfaction which are the keys of differenciation for Independant Hotels or small Hotel groups.

With a strong background in Yield Management, PMT Hotels has developed an original concept of this technique combining Operational efficiency, consensus within teams, reduction of reservations fees (commissions, net prices…) and Customer loyalty.

PMT Hotels offers a wide range of services all aimed to create added value, from development of innovative tools, setup of new marketing concepts to Investors oriented Management.

Within our services…

  1. Quality Development program:
    • Definition and formalization of guest promise (what would you like your guests remember from your hotel?)
    • Implementation of Quality Standards adapted to your hotel’s structural and organisational constraints
    • Online Guest satisfaction survey
    • Comparative analysis of the Quality achieved against the competition
    • Mystery guests audits
  2. Definition of internal operational procedures
  3. Sustainable development and eco-responsability
  4. Setup of statistical and analytical tools
  5. Setup of IT equipments:
    • PMS (Property Management System)
    • Servers, workstations and sofwares
    • Other systems (POS, VOD, keys, PABX…)