With the law of February 11, 2005, making the hotel and / or restaurant accessible to all will become effective January 1, 2015. New regulations, best practices (mandatory or not mandatory) that improve the Quality of welcome of your customers around the five major families of disability that are hearing impairments, mental, physical, mental and visual.

Be familiar with the obligations concerning hotels by category of ERP (Establishment Receiving the Public) defined by the regulations, their variation in terms of access to the building, to bedrooms, breakfast and other supplementary benefits is the mission of PMT Hotels.

Accompanying your hotel in the accessibility standards set for 2015,

PMT Hotels, meets the obligations to make available hotels open to the public while promoting an approach to improve the quality of service. It is a leverage for modernization of the hotel, to adapt to new customer expectations, the renewal assurance of its customers, which allows its customers to sustain profitability of your hotel. As part of our missions, we examine the strengths and deficiencies of your hotel, to develop your project and find the best solutions in accordance with the possibilities offered by the law.

Grants and subsidies may be granted to hotels. Get contact with us!