Audit, Consultancy, Training and Guidance for Hoteliers

We work to provide effective solutions to meet the expectations of independent hotels in France and abroad, building on our experience in luxury hospitality.

We promote the technology that frees functional tasks to focus on strategy and the true values ​​of the hotel industry: hospitality, quality of service and loyalty.

Our efforts focus on the quality of services we provide, according to the schedule and budgets set, and the relationship we have with our clients.

Why choose us?

  1. Know-how, A strong experience in Luxury International Hospitality
  2. A la carte” solutions developped for the independant hotel
  3. Particular attention toTechnological means
  4. The requirement for Quality
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Yield Tool

Build your Statistical Database essential to Yield Management with the Yield Tool, easy to use, flexible to your needs.


Exclusive trainings taught at your hotel. A post-training follow up included. Supported by the FAFIH Organisation possible.

Hotel Webmaster

Hotel website development ensuring SEO optimization, online sales conversions and customization to each hotel graphic identity.